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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mariah Carey for OPI

OPI just launched a new line of nail colors inspired by Mariah Carey.
My Ulta had them on the shelves earlier than their release date of 1/2/13.
I picked up 2 colors, A Butterfly Moment, which is a shimmer nude with a pink tint and Pink Yet Lavender a pink and iridescent glitter.
There are 4 colors and 4 'sands' the new textured opi. I saw swatches of the sands and they are not my thing, its dull and similar texture to a colored sand paper, guess that's what they were going for...

I did a mani with A Butterfly Moment with accents of Pink Yet Lavender


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

D.I.Y Glittering your shoes !

I recently D.I.Yed a pair of high heels with glitter and have had some people ask for a how to. Its very easy but messing so if you don't like glitter everywhere than this is not for you!
Here are the heels I did first and than I will show the step by step for flats.
Plain black leather heels turned into my holiday heels!

First find shoes you would want to glitter,

What you need. Modge podge works too or any type of glue other than super glue

Brush on glue in small areas

Pour glitter over the glue and gently shake loose glitter off. Put paper under to catch the fallen glitter.

Keep doing that over the entire shoe.

See its messy!

When dry spray with a clear gloss spray, 2 coats.

Than let dry over night and they are ready to wear.
Don't walk through snow or water becase it will ruin your hard work!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Neiman Marcus +Target.. Judith Leiber & Tory Burch!

It's arrived. 1 legendary partnership. More than 50 gorgeous gifts.

So today is the debut of Neiman Marcus + Target designer collaboration and I got up bright and early to beat the crowds... yea the crowd of 2! Employees were disappointed by the lack of a line but I was very happy! I went in for 2 reasons, 1. Tory Burch and 2. Judith Leiber!! I adore TB shoes and have a closet full so I needed to add to my collection her 2 gift items, the lunch box ($19.99) and thermos ($24.99). I am going to use the lunch box as a make up train.
 Tory Burch Printed Beverage ContainerTory Burch Lunch Box
And the other item I was dieing to get was Judith Leiber's crystal encrusted compact mirror ($59.99). I dream of owning her beautiful bags but the price is pretty steep.$3,000, $6,000 and more for one. I checked out all the colors and went with the pink and white zebra one. It comes with a cute dust bag too. Similar JL mirrors are $225 in major department stores.

Items can be purchased at both Neiman Marcus and Target for a limited time. http://www.target.com/c/target-neiman-marcus-collection/-/N-5ouwb#?lnk=Other_HP_P1_ESPOT-0|ESPOT-0

Judith Leiber Compact Mirror - Pink & White

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cirque Fascination Street Review

Over the weekend I discovered Cirque nail polish online and ordered Fascination Street, it arrived in 2 day and I am in LOVE!! Its a darker purple/navy with very fine rainbow hologram glitter. It literally glows in the sunlight!
I used 2 coats to get it to the darkness in the photos, it drys very fast and has a light lavender scent to it.
The holo is similar to the OPI DS line of polishes but the color is EXTREME, def a must have!
Cirque is hand blended nail polish that comes from New York. Free of all the harsh chemicals that are found in alot of drug store polish.
Check them out:
Fascination Street is unlike any other color I have and it is def in my top 3 favorite colors!
Sells for $16

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Magnet nail polish

While browsing Target I found a display of Sinful Colors nail polish, they now have a magnet line that is similar to all the other brands out there.

Sinful Colors is normally $1.99 but the magnetic polish is $4.99 still a lot cheaper than the other brands selling at $6.99 and up. The magnet is like a ring that sits on the cap and has a curve base guide.

These were my first attempts with magnet nail polish and I was quite pleased. I kept taping the magnet on my nail which was annoying but after a while  I got the hang of it. My nails are quite arched so the magnet didn't quite reach all the way to the sides but it still looks cool. All the colors make stars. Some colors were weaker than others. I found the blue I bought worked best.

These are the two I picked.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Warrior Dash!

I played photographer/clothes holder/water carrier today while Tim and his cousins competed in the Warrior Dash. http://www.warriordash.com/index.php They ran with about 500 other people and competed on a 3.21 mile course up hill with 12 obstacles.
The take off going strait up a skiing hill. appx 500 people ever 30 mins.

One racer jumps over fire.

A HUGE turn out, close to 10,000 we were told. I am little enough to maneuver my way to the side lines to get my photos as they finished the course.

and there were cuts to prove this.

Tim (white tee) as he hits the last part, mud and barb wire. He finishes at appx 45 mins!

A finished racer watching.

Tim enters the mud.

Tim's cousin Emily and her husband follow as a team

Covered in mud from head to toe

 mud soaked clothing!

I am thinking, Please don't get mud on me! And of course he gets a t-shirt for entering that's too small, but I later discover it fits me!

I get a turkey leg for all my hard work! haha

Debating my participation for next year...