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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

D.I.Y Glittering your shoes !

I recently D.I.Yed a pair of high heels with glitter and have had some people ask for a how to. Its very easy but messing so if you don't like glitter everywhere than this is not for you!
Here are the heels I did first and than I will show the step by step for flats.
Plain black leather heels turned into my holiday heels!

First find shoes you would want to glitter,

What you need. Modge podge works too or any type of glue other than super glue

Brush on glue in small areas

Pour glitter over the glue and gently shake loose glitter off. Put paper under to catch the fallen glitter.

Keep doing that over the entire shoe.

See its messy!

When dry spray with a clear gloss spray, 2 coats.

Than let dry over night and they are ready to wear.
Don't walk through snow or water becase it will ruin your hard work!

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