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Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Private Jet Franken attempts!

I have never Frankened before and I had a few empty topcoat bottles so I thought it would be fun to attempt to recreate OPIs famous holo My Private Jet. For a beginner and first timer I am pretty darn impressed!
Check it out!

I started with collecting a bunch of holos ie. Milani 3D nail polishes, OPI DS Original, and Sally Hansen Rose Diamond. I figured I would need a black so I found Wet n Wild Creme Black, and added L'Oreal Owls Night and OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys.   I was thinking of trying a black base and one a brown base and one a silver holo base.

I like black the least but I needed to try it anyway!

I must say that Rose Diamond was the key to ultimate Holo-y Awesomeness!

I basically did 1/4 this a splash of that etc, no rhyme or reason really.

So that's the mess of polishes I had to choose from. 
Franken 1 : Holo base
Franken 2: Black Base
Franken 3: Brown base

Franken 1 has a better holo pattern than franken 2, I think its because 2 had Owl's Night mixed in which is chunker holo. Franken 3 has a pinky-purple tint to the brown base!! 

Franken 3 mani

To me Franken 3 is the closest to My Private Jet Original holo!

Soo hard to photograph holo polish.

I am pretty impressed with Frankening! Now I need another color to come up with....

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cheers to a New Year! My latest freebie!

HAPPY NEW YEARS! 3 days late. :)

I participated in the Michael C. Fina "Toast for a Post" on Facebook by posting a picture of our family's Thanksgiving table. By doing this I was awarded a pair of crystal Champagne flutes! 
Easy enough!

Today a box arrived from 5th Ave!!

There were fancy ribbons and papers too!

Monday, January 2, 2012

and a little Juicy too..

Stopped into Juicy Couture to see if there was anything good on their additional 40% off sale.
Scored this charm for $17.99!

A wee box of cupcakes!

Good enough to eat!

Lush Snow Fairy gel vs Lush Godmother soap!!!

I received Lush's Snow Fairy body wash for Christmas and am in LOVE, so I went to see about getting another bottle and it was sold out... I was told that I could buy the gift sets that have it in it but the bottles were 3.3oz :( and the sets start at $20. Not gonna happen! 
The girl helping me informed me that their soap called Godmother is the same scent!! Score! and she also said that it was buy one get one free! Double Score! So now I have the bottle and I got 2 large chunks to hold me over until Snow Fairy shower gel is back in stock next fall. I have used the soap a few times already and it seems like it will last a long time!
 It makes pinkish bubbles!

The scent is long lasting and smells like Vitamin water XXX.
The bar I feel will last longer than the gel but I was told I can use the gel for shampoo too!

Nail polish Haul! and Finger Paints FX!

Went into Massachusetts over the weekend to do some shopping any I mainly bought nail polish! Duh, big surprise! my husband says.. :)
Bewteen ULTA, Sally's and Cosmetics Company I think I did pretty good!
My Prize is Mean & Green which I am hoping to go back and score a 2nd one of. Its from the 

MAC VENOMOUS VILLAINS Collection! dun dun dun :)

Sold out before it even hit my local Macy's MAC counter..
Scored a few goodies at Ulta
OPI A Grapefit, Shorts Story and Light My Sapphire
China Glaze: Fireside Glow (holo!!!)
And at Sally's they had the Finger Paint's FX collection! 
I got: Motley, Twisted and Aslyum
in their clearance bin I found
Orly: OUI and Rococo A Go-Go and a mini China Glaze Ruby Pumps!
Duochrome, shimmery, Flakie goodness!!

Wet n Wild Creme Black with Finger Paints layered over!

After reading about the "it" Kardashian wedding color I found 2 at Wal-mart hiding with in other colors!

 "Kim-Pletely In Love" From the Nicole for OPI Kardashian Kollection! Her supposed Wedding mani!

 And a group shot!