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Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Private Jet Franken attempts!

I have never Frankened before and I had a few empty topcoat bottles so I thought it would be fun to attempt to recreate OPIs famous holo My Private Jet. For a beginner and first timer I am pretty darn impressed!
Check it out!

I started with collecting a bunch of holos ie. Milani 3D nail polishes, OPI DS Original, and Sally Hansen Rose Diamond. I figured I would need a black so I found Wet n Wild Creme Black, and added L'Oreal Owls Night and OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys.   I was thinking of trying a black base and one a brown base and one a silver holo base.

I like black the least but I needed to try it anyway!

I must say that Rose Diamond was the key to ultimate Holo-y Awesomeness!

I basically did 1/4 this a splash of that etc, no rhyme or reason really.

So that's the mess of polishes I had to choose from. 
Franken 1 : Holo base
Franken 2: Black Base
Franken 3: Brown base

Franken 1 has a better holo pattern than franken 2, I think its because 2 had Owl's Night mixed in which is chunker holo. Franken 3 has a pinky-purple tint to the brown base!! 

Franken 3 mani

To me Franken 3 is the closest to My Private Jet Original holo!

Soo hard to photograph holo polish.

I am pretty impressed with Frankening! Now I need another color to come up with....