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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Girl room redo

A while ago I turned our spare bed room into my girl room! Here is the before with horrid carpet.
And after with hard wood flooring and some new furniture! I did alot of upcycling and DIY.

New bookshelf and Tiffany nail polish cabinet

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Board Game Box D.I.Y

I had a few old board games and I recently heard about making a box out of the boards so I dug them out and gave it a try. Candy Land was my trial run because I wanted the Addam's Family one to be good!

I measured appx 3 inches in all around and cut out the areas I didn't need.

I scored the other lines, where I would need it to bend at a 90 degree angle. Than I tore layers of the card board backing off so it would be thin when I folded the sides up.

To add strength and prettiness I covered the sides with duct tape.

And than taped the sides together and

We have a box! I will add a clasp to the front so it can lock shut.

Now that I "mastered" Candy Land I can work on the box I really wanted, the Addam's Family!

This was an easy and fun project. Next I will try an Ouji board box!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chan Luu

I finally got my first Chan Luu bracelet! I ordered it off of BlueFly when they were having a sale!
Its blue quartz with navy leather cording.

Upcycling and repainting!

I have been itching to paint something and I decided to repaint my old hand me down desk. It was scratched up wood originally so I revamped it with a fun purple and off white.
I get to excited that I forget to take the before pictures! But here are the after.

Also over the weekend I got a basic white 3 draw dresser for free and decided to give that a make over too!

I actually used black and white zebra wrapping paper and painted the knobs pastel pink.
and to go with it I made a framed jewelry display from a old picture frame and screen.

This was my last big project and I have before and after pictures!
My kitchen before.

And after!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Treasures oh my!

Now that the college kids are gone off for the summer, our town has a huge yardsale of all the stuff left behind by the kids, so these are my giant yard sale finds!

Clarisonic Mia- $2!!

Each $1!

My new bracelet!

A quick shot of my new Louis Vuitton Inclusion bracelet in Amarante, a deep vampy purple, I LVoe it!