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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Board Game Box D.I.Y

I had a few old board games and I recently heard about making a box out of the boards so I dug them out and gave it a try. Candy Land was my trial run because I wanted the Addam's Family one to be good!

I measured appx 3 inches in all around and cut out the areas I didn't need.

I scored the other lines, where I would need it to bend at a 90 degree angle. Than I tore layers of the card board backing off so it would be thin when I folded the sides up.

To add strength and prettiness I covered the sides with duct tape.

And than taped the sides together and

We have a box! I will add a clasp to the front so it can lock shut.

Now that I "mastered" Candy Land I can work on the box I really wanted, the Addam's Family!

This was an easy and fun project. Next I will try an Ouji board box!

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