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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Warrior Dash!

I played photographer/clothes holder/water carrier today while Tim and his cousins competed in the Warrior Dash. http://www.warriordash.com/index.php They ran with about 500 other people and competed on a 3.21 mile course up hill with 12 obstacles.
The take off going strait up a skiing hill. appx 500 people ever 30 mins.

One racer jumps over fire.

A HUGE turn out, close to 10,000 we were told. I am little enough to maneuver my way to the side lines to get my photos as they finished the course.

and there were cuts to prove this.

Tim (white tee) as he hits the last part, mud and barb wire. He finishes at appx 45 mins!

A finished racer watching.

Tim enters the mud.

Tim's cousin Emily and her husband follow as a team

Covered in mud from head to toe

 mud soaked clothing!

I am thinking, Please don't get mud on me! And of course he gets a t-shirt for entering that's too small, but I later discover it fits me!

I get a turkey leg for all my hard work! haha

Debating my participation for next year...

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