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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Magnet nail polish

While browsing Target I found a display of Sinful Colors nail polish, they now have a magnet line that is similar to all the other brands out there.

Sinful Colors is normally $1.99 but the magnetic polish is $4.99 still a lot cheaper than the other brands selling at $6.99 and up. The magnet is like a ring that sits on the cap and has a curve base guide.

These were my first attempts with magnet nail polish and I was quite pleased. I kept taping the magnet on my nail which was annoying but after a while  I got the hang of it. My nails are quite arched so the magnet didn't quite reach all the way to the sides but it still looks cool. All the colors make stars. Some colors were weaker than others. I found the blue I bought worked best.

These are the two I picked.

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