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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A day of D.I.Y on a day Off!

The above frames are 2 ugly cheap frames I picked up at a thrift store because I like the texture and pattern. They were less than $2..00 for the set so I couldn't pass them up.
I think someone attempted a D.I.Y antiquing but to me it looks like they were caught in a fire!

Shiny with camea flash but..

See how ashy they look ^ :(

I knew I had some fun paint left over from an earlier project so I knew these uglies would be pretties very soon!

After painting them I decided to have one be a french theme so I turned to my favorite Pinterest for some great ideas and I found this fun Paris picture, printed it and popped it in.

What should I put in the second frame....

My other project was Strawberry & Cream muffins that I also found on Pinterest. This has to be my favorite recipe I have tried in a long time.
 I think they came out fabulous and they are addicting!

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  1. i love how those turned out - and the muffins look SO good!