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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lush Cupcake mud mask

I recent purchased from LUSH their Cupcake mud mask and I have used it twice so far. For around $7 you get a small black tub with enough mud for about 6 masks. The consistency is similar to thick brownie mix after its been in the refrigerator. It has a strong cocoa butter smells and it seems hydrating to me. I apply a thin layer, wait about 15 mins and once its hardened/tightened I wash it off and it makes my skin feel really clean and smooth. Its suppose to help with acne prone skin but I haven't seen any change yet in that department. The expiration date is 4 weeks from purchase and must be kept in the refrigerator, which means I usually forget about it. LUSH has a return program where 5 black pots will get you a free face mask!

Overall it smells like chocolate, leaves my skin clean/cuts oiliness and is just fun. I rate it a B.

*picture borrowed from google images*

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