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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Unusual Rose and Red Carpet Mani

I recently bought the Red Carpet Manicure set from ULTA to do gel nails. I ordered the color Paparazzi and the Pro LED light but was disappointed when I received the cheap travel lamp. They even had the nerve to charge me the $39.99 (Pro light price) for the travel light that costs $19.99. Costumer service  said they probably sold out.. so my question to ULTA is why..WHY would you mail a customer an item that's half the quality and half the price when the original item sold out??!!But charge the full amount of the original items!!!????

So I attempted my RCM and the light just doesn't cut it with curing, after an average of 3 mins a layer I still ended with peeling.. My mani lasted about 3 days. I will give it a try when the Pro (36watt) light comes out and may just end up returning everything.

DH ended up surprising me with roses that matched my mani and I noticed that one of the roses looks to have 3 buds in the center! How cool is that!

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