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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NOTDs and fuzz balls!

One of my favorite nail polish colors is Chanel's Paradoxal and I just received Essie Jamaican me Crazy from MUA so I had to try a combo mani! And of course I had to pair it with my fuzz ball ring! 

 Next up is OPI Berry Darling again :)

Where does kitty hide when she knows she has to go to the vet?? In a shoe box! I swear that it was closed before she climbed in,so smart!

And currently I am wearing OPI Sweetheart!And NO that's not a replica of the 'Royal Wedding' Ring..ick. I can't stand all that hype! However I asked for something similar to the jewel from Titanic a few years ago for Xmas and this is what I got! 

And for my birthday a friend got me Happy Birthday!


  1. Where did you get the ring? (The blue one) I love it!!! Its so beautiful!

  2. Thanks! My husband bought it from Zales a few years ago!